It is our absolute joy to serve & love our clients! We do our very best to get to know you, craft your wedding day experience, & create memories that will last a lifetime. But what do our past clients have to say about their experience with us? Check it out & see for yourselves! 

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I initially became interested in Rainsford Photography after a friend suggested their work. After looking through some of their photos and being very interested, I had a phone call with JP to get more details. What I thought was going to be a 15 minute chat with a stranger turned into a 45 minute conversation with a newfound friend. I knew from the first conversation with JP that I wanted Rainsford Photography to shoot our wedding. They were professional, organized, extremely talented, but most of all committed. But they were committed to more than just snapping photos; they were committed to Josh and I as a couple. They were committed to loving us, taking care of us every step of the way, and making sure that we felt one hundred percent comfortable and cared for on our wedding day. I knew after getting off the phone with JP that I wanted Rainsford Photography to do our wedding, and I couldn’t have imagined anyone else being there to capture our special moments on our big day.

JP and Ryland were exactly what we had been praying for. To Josh and I, our day was more than a pretty white dress, yummy cake, and sparklers. We prayed that each moving part of our wedding, whether big or small, shed light on the goodness and grace of God. We prayed that the flowers and the venue would be so beautiful that people saw the Lord’s goodness in creating them; we prayed that our DJ would be fun and full of joy, so much so that he would show the overflow of Christ in the way he MC’d the night; we prayed that our ceremony would teach and remind our guests about the good news; and so we prayed that our photographers, too, would glorify God in their handiwork and shed light on the gospel on our day. And they did just that.

JP and Ryland loved Josh and I more than we could have imagined on the day of and the days leading up to the wedding. They took care of us, they laughed with us, they listened and worked with us when we asked for pictures we hadn’t planned for, and they made sure they knew exactly what we were hoping to have captured on our wedding day. They were right there with us every part of the night, and we felt like they were just as much photographers as they were great friends.
— Josh & Mel Pipkin
We looked into several other photographers before we found Ryland and JP. Chris (my husband) and I really wanted wedding photographers who were going to capture the natural parts of the day without staging everything to make it look perfect. Ryland and JP are all about that. They love capturing the day as it naturally happens.

They did an amazing job capturing every part of our wedding day - it was super handy having JP to capture the girls getting ready while Ryland captured the guys. They had thought through all of the details - including where to take the pictures ahead of time so that it flowed so much better on the day of the wedding!

Our favorite part about having Rainsford Photography capture our wedding day? How personalized it was. Ryland and JP made me feel like friends more than just their clients! Finally, Ryland and JP have an amazing chemistry together. They understand each other so well, and clearly have so much fun working together. They are both laid back but also super organized - which is probably the best combination in a wedding photographer! They were seriously such a blessing to have around on our wedding day!
— Chris & Lucy Spargo
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The idea of working with a husband and wife team was also comforting to us. I knew they would be on the same page. And then looking at the photos on their website I was confident that cheesy, over staged photos just wasn’t their style. JP & Ryland let me and my husband be the stars of the show on our wedding day. I’ve been to weddings where it felt like a photo shoot first, and then a ceremony second. Peter & I had the opposite experience. When we got our final photos from them we were like “oh my gosh I didn’t even know they were there for that!” Rainsford Photography added to the joy of our wedding day, and captured the fun moments that we will be able to look back at for the rest of our lives.
— Peter & Rachel Kiley
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Both Grant and I agree that JP and Ryland’s personalities are the best part of their service. The fact that they do INCREDIBLE work is icing on the cake! JP and Ryland are FUN and comforting people to be around on one of the most important days of your life. They also have a special talent for making picture-taking easy and not overwhelming on your big day as well! Not once, and I mean this, did I ever grow exhausted with the photography process or feel like I was missing out on anything because I was taking pictures. They come into the day incredibly prepared and are efficient with every shot they take on your wedding day.
— Jenna & Grant Banks