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Dear everyone, let us introduce ourselves:

Ryland & JP Rainsford

We are lifestyle wedding photographers and a husband and wife team (2 is so much easier than 1 y'all!).  But when we aren't taking photos, we love playing with our dog Scout, being outside, traveling, and then coming back home to our lovely city of Greenville, SC.  We met in Chattanooga, TN, in 2007 and were married atop Lookout Mountain 5 years later.  A year later we moved to Greenville, SC, and absolutely love it!  Greenville is where our years of a photography hobby finally blossomed into much more.

Through many "high councils" over coffee, dark chocolate, and spilled ink we finally decided that photography was too personally meaningful to simply be a hobby.  We concluded that we are driven as photographers by three essential beliefs: 

1) Real life is lived out in the mundane.  Our lives are full, not perfect.

2) Life is too full for our memories to do it justice.  Therefore, memories must be captured.

3) Memories are vital because they serve as reminders - milestones in our lives.

In sum, our lives are full, NOT perfect. They are changed with each season. Our goal is to help you remember the fullness of each season through which you are changed!  

We are so excited to help you capture your memories, share your stories, and create photos that you will cherish & last a lifetime ...

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